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Positions: On screen talent manager, Ring Announcer, Webmaster, video library editor, assistant cameraman, guest commentator, and part time photographer.  Former figurehead President and host.  Booker from December 2012 to February 2013.
The United States Wrestling Federation is a Rhode Island based wrestling club that has been a staple of local public access stations since 1994.  It began in the Warwick backyard of "Too Sexy" Travis Savage, before the group was kicked out and relocated to Coventry in the yard of "The Stray Cat" Jay Messier.  A few years later it was moved to the East Providence yard of Even Stevens before taking a five year hiatus.  The USWF later returned in April of 2009 in a small warehouse arena in Lincoln.  Regular participants in the club throughout the years have been Rhode Island public access favorites such as Maniac Mike, "Primetime" Kevin E., Mr. Glen, The Lariat, Arnold "The Ace" Cappelli, Tombstone Tony, Blackjack Charlie, Gary "2 Scoops" DeAngelis, The Loverboy, and Steven "The Turtle" Weiner.  The USWF has been featured on local news broadcasts, periodicals, and radio stations.
I was invited to join the United States Wrestling Federation's fourth incarnation at its return show, Resurrection, on April 19th, 2009.  I was given the role of USWF President, a figurehead position since the real person in charge is also an in-ring performer.  My original duty was to appear on camera when executing certain "presidential" duties, such as signing matches and disciplining subordinates.  I was soon given the task of hosting the events themselves as ring announcer.  I also took it upon myself to create the USWF website, which can be accessed by clicking the banner graphic up above. I'm fortunate to be given a lot of freedom in the way I carry out my tasks in the way I see fit by the owner.  Surely the best "boss" I've ever had, and the best "job" where I can actually use my unique talents.

Official USWF Profile
Match History
USWF 16th Anniversary: Triple Crown Championship match- © President Gannon vs. Arnold "The Ace" Cappelli

Memorial Massacre 2011: Six Man Tag Team match- President Gannon/Maniac Mike/Johnny Motta vs. Mr. Glen/"Luscious & Cool" Luis Cortez/Bryan Money

Blood, Sweat, and Fears 2011: 10 Man Derby match- Lord Gannon vs. Maniac Mike vs. "The Brototype" Eddie Vegas vs. Arnold "The Ace" Cappelli vs. Benny "The Jet" Idol vs. Johnny Motta vs. Bryan Money vs. Delicious Danny vs. Tom The Bomb vs. Steven "The Turtle" Weiner
Blood, Sweat, and Fears 2011: Rhode Island Arm Wrestling Championship match- Lord Gannon vs. © Duck
Thanksgiving Thunder 2011: Turkey On A Pole match- Lord Gannon vs. The Yankee Doodle Bitch
Thanksgiving Thunder 2011: Spelling Bee- Lord Gannon vs. Johnny Motta vs. Maniac Mike
Season's Beatings 2011: Street Fight- Lord Gannon & Maniac Mike vs. Steven "The Turtle" Weiner & The Yankee Doodle Bitch
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Rhode Island Arm Wrestling Champion
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Former Triple Crown Champion

                                                                               Career Summary

The Quest For Respect

At USWF Resurrection 2009, the first show after a 4 year hiatus, Federation Hall of Famer The Lariat opened up the program by introducing the man responsible for bringing the United States Wrestling Federation back.  He called President Gannon to ringside, and in the midst of the interview, they were interrupted by wrestling veteran Arnold "The Ace" Cappelli.  Arnold produced a contract for a World title match that he had in his possession since the last time the promotion was in operation, and he was looking to cash it in at this very event.  However, President Gannon declared that the company would have a fresh start, but decided to try to quell The Ace's championship aspirations by putting him in the opening match of the card: a contest against Even Stevens for the brand new Triple Crown Championship belt.  Temporarily appeased, Arnold wrestled a good match against Evens but ended up on the losing end.  When President Gannon entered the ring to drape the three titles of the Triple Crown Championship around the winner, he was shoved by a resentful Arnie.

For the next couple of months, Arnold Cappelli carried around his World title contract and pestered Gannon with it whenever he cornered the President, whether it be in his office or the parking lot.  Finally at Summer Blood 2009, while the two were arguing over the validity of the title shot, World Champion Mr. Glen decided that he heard enough of Arnie's campaigning and decided to honor the match himself that very evening.  Arnold and Glen had a close contest until The Ace fell unconscious, a result of an energy drink that was spiked with sleeping pills he drank earlier in the show.

After failing to secure both the Triple Crown and World titles, Arnold Cappelli decided to forge an alliance with Steven "The Turtle" Weiner in a bid to win the Tag Team titles at Can't Hardly Wait.  The new team of The Ace & The Turtle were successful in gaining the straps from "Fast" Eddie Vegas and "The Real Deal" Brando Spade of The Sin City Saints at that show and wasted no time in flaunting their winnings in President Gannon's face.  Gannon would attempt to have the last laugh at Rage In Rhode Island 2009 when he put the new champs up against one of the most dominant duos in United States Wrestling Federation history, Maniac Mike and The Giant Puma.  As The Ace & The Turtle managed to retain the titles that night, the President planned to derail Arnold's aspirations for another World title shot, which was up for grabs in the Blood, Sweat, and Fears 2009 Rumble of Fears battle royal.  He brought back one of Arnie's rivals from the Federation's past in the form of Gary "2 Scoops" DeAngelis, who entered the Rumble of Fears under a mask and eliminated The Ace from potential title contention.  Gannon also signed Gary's pal X-treme so they could form a unit to potentially win the Tag belts from Arnold Cappelli and Steven Weiner at Season's Beatings 2009, but "Fast" Eddie Vegas interfered in the match, causing the champs to hold onto their belts.

While The Ace & The Turtle would eventually lose the Tag Team titles to Maniac Mike and Stanley "The Masher" Muldoon at Vintage USWF, their team would bring the Triple Crown title to their camp when Weiner defeated champion Bryan Money at Heartburn 2010.  To make matters worse, Steven threatened to take the belts with him when leaving the company later in the evening.  Out of desperation, President Gannon immediately reinstated an old stipulation that the "24/7 Championship" portion of the Triple Crown title could be defended any time and any place, which caused every other member of the roster to hunt down The Turtle.  However, at the very end of the event, Steven ducked into President Gannon's office to brag about hanging onto the title for the whole night and that he was about to leave the promotion with it forever.  As he tried to exit the office, Gannon jumped the shocked Turtle from behind, and pinned him on the office floor to win the Triple Crown title off of Weiner himself.

The next month at Corned Beef and Carnage 2010, President Gannon decided to make a decision regarding the Triple Crown title in his possession.  As a result of Arnold's loyalty to the USWF for denying Steven Weiner's request to leave with him, as well as his valiant effort against ending the devious Giant Puma's World title reign, Gannon decided that he would defend the Triple Crown Championship against The Ace and hopefully settle the score between them both.  The confrontation that was a year in the making finally occurred at USWF 16th Anniversary, and after a back and forth contest between the two adversaries, Arnold eventually gained the upper hand and finished Gannon off with his patented TKO manuever and won the gold.  After the final bell, The Ace helped the beaten President to his feet and congratulated him for putting up a fight.  Gannon in return gave his foe accolades for coming out the better man, and both men buried the hatchet with a handshake and embrace in the middle of the squared circle.


Rebels With A Cause

With the dawning of a new era in the United States Wrestling Federation, most of the wrestlers seemed excited to return to action.  But then the lone dissenting voice made his opinion heard at Memorial Massacre 2009, the second show since the Federation reopened its doors.  World Champion Mr. Glen, who held onto that title during the company's four year hiatus, was greatly displeased at having to defend his belt regularly again, as this now meant he would be able to lose it.  Reuniting with his long time tag team partner "Luscious & Cool" Luis Cortez, Glen vowed to cause a tsunami of trouble in the already violent waters of the USWF.

President Gannon's personal favorite to be the face of his vision of the United States Wrestling Federation, professionally trained USWF veteran The Loverboy, had been gunning for Mr. Glen's World title for months.  After a failed bid for the belt at USWF Resurrection, Loverboy decided to go through Luis Cortez to earn another title shot at Summer Blood 2009.  While he managed to secure the opportunity, it came at a great price.  Mr. Glen and Cortez viciously assaulted The Loverboy, as well as several other wrestlers and officials who stormed the ring in order to stop the carnage.  Attempting to bring order to the ruckus personally, President Gannon jumped onto the ring's apron to reprimand Mr. Glen.  This led to the Champion clobbering him, and to add insult to injury, threw Loverboy on top of his fallen body.  As a result of this, the President suspended both of The Vatos Locos until the USWF's flagship event Rage In Rhode Island 2009.  When they were allowed to return here, Glen and Luis took advantage of Gannon's new role as ring announcer to confront him in the ring and attempt to "get even" with him for the suspension.  Before they could ruffle his suit too much, the President summoned his new bodyguard, USWF Hall of Famer "Stonewall" Mike Atlas, to keep Glen and Luis at bay.  In that night's main event, The Loverboy finally cashed in his second title shot against Mr. Glen in a Texas Bullrope match.  During the course of the bout, the referee was rendered unconscious, allowing Luis Cortez to use his ever-present briefcase to smash Loverboy in the head, which resulted in Glen seemingly winning.  But then President Gannon informed the official that the challenger's foot was on the bottom ring rope during the pinfall attempt, rendering it invalid, and restarted the match.  Then to even the odds, both Gannon and bodyguard Stonewall used a pair of handcuffs to secure Luis Cortez to the ring ropes to prevent him from interfering further.  This allowed The Loverboy to finally defeat Mr. Glen for the World title, although the former champ did manage to sneak in another punch at the President before the show concluded.

At October's Blood, Sweat, and Fears 2009, a massive elimination style battle royal took place with 30 wrestlers attempting to become the number one contender for the World title at January's free-per-view.  The ending was mired in controversy, as Mr. Glen seemingly won after flipping the other final participant, The Giant Puma, over the top rope to eliminate him.  Unfortunately for Glen, the referees were distracted and never saw Puma fall outside the ring, who quickly slipped back inside, took the Vato by surprise, and threw him out instead.  The Giant Puma was then declared the winner of the battle royal since the referees did see Glen get knocked out of the ring.  Outraged by this miscarriage of justice, Mr. Glen demanded for Puma to be stripped of his contender status and have it returned to himself.  In an attempt to satisfy both men, President Gannon made Glen a number one contender as well, making the World title match at Vintage USWF a Three-Way Dance with World Champion The Loverboy defending against The Giant Puma and Mr. Glen.  Glen grudgingly accepted the offer, but decided to call out President Gannon during that event for a face to face talk.  While he distracted the President in the ring, Luis Cortez jumped him from behind and knocked him out with his Spanish Lullaby sleeper-hold slam.  While The Vatos Locos stood over the unconscious Gannon, they vowed that this misfortune was nothing compared to what would occur before the end of the show.


The Born In Blood Saga

Earlier in the evening at Vintage USWF, The Vatos Locos set up President Gannon for an assault that would cause him to undergo immediate medical treatment.  With the head authority figure of the promotion out of the picture, the next phase of Mr. Glen's plan went into action.  In the free-per-view's main event, he had a title shot against World Champion The Loverboy, an opportunity he would have to reluctantly share with The Giant Puma.  In this Three-Way Dance, Loverboy was the first man to be eliminated, meaning that there would be a new champion.  However, to the shock of the entire Federation, Mr. Glen allowed himself to be pinned by The Puma, making him the new World Champion.  They were then joined in the ring by "Luscious & Cool" Luis Cortez, and the three of them would declare themselves "Born In Blood", a group dedicated to restoring the United States Wrestling Federation to its backyard wrestling values, which they felt were corrupted when President Gannon took the company over and moved it over to a more professional setting.

The following month at Heartburn 2010, President Gannon countered Born In Blood by suspending Mr. Glen for a second time, then stripping The Giant Puma of the World title and forcing him to wrestle Luis Cortez for it in an effort to weaken their alliance.  However, even though Puma was able to regain the belt after a grueling match with Cortez, their team was unshaken.  In the following months, Puma, Luis, and Glen continued to decimate the roster of the United States Wrestling Federation in their matches, as well as give public speeches where they continued to voice their dissatisfaction with the current product.  One man who succumbed to their influence was "Fast" Eddie Vegas, who was looking to take his career to the next level after turning against his best friend and tag team partner "The Real Deal" Brando Spade.  Born In Blood welcomed him into their fold at Summer Blood 2010 as a vicious competitor who was reduced to being President Gannon's "sidekick" on the USWF's supplemental recap programs, especially after he beat down his employer at Season's Beatings 2009.  They rechristened him as "The Brototype" and deemed him worthy of joining their cause to bring the hardcore style of the promotion back into prominence.  Another man who started to fall out of favor with the President was junior referee Nixter, who felt he was overlooked compared to senior official Grown Man.  After protesting his mistreatment from authority figures and wrestlers alike, he was courted by Born In Blood at Summer Blood 2010 to aid their cause, dropping his nickname and requesting to be addressed properly as "No Gimmicks Needed" Nick Gifford.  He envisioned himself not only showing his superiority to Grown Man and earning respect from his peers, but possibly usurping the presidency from Gannon himself.

With Born In Blood now consisting of The Giant Puma, Mr. Glen, "Luscious & Cool" Luis Cortez, "The Brototype" Eddie Vegas, and Nick Gifford, they decided to kick their mission of controlling the United States Wrestling Federation into overdrive.  They already had the World title in their stable, and eventually gained the Six Man Tag Team Championship after Glen, Luis, and Eddie defeated Bulletproof at Thanksgiving Thunder 2010, and the Triple Crown title when Puma overcame Tom The Bomb at The Keeper of The Seven Keys 2011.  Nick Gifford also went into action, using his referee status to tip the matches in Born In Blood's favor, and even jumping President Gannon at It's Bacon In Here 2010.  He then challenged his rival Grown Man to a match at Rage In Rhode Island 2010, which he won via forfeit after the senior referee went on hiatus.  Seeing an opportunity to rid himself of one headache, President Gannon enlisted Bulletproof to brutalize Nick immediately afterward, resulting in Gifford's resignation from the USWF.  But this would be a small victory as Born In Blood would begin 2011 holding all the title belts in the promotion, with their New Year resolution being that President Gannon wouldn't finish the year in office.


Blood Diamonds

January 2011 to August 2011.  President Gannon reveals he is The Keeper of The Seven Keys, and has been using their power to control the mind of Maniac Mike as his tool of revenge against Born In Blood.  With his new protege, Gannon seeks to rid himself of The Giant Puma, Mr. Glen, "Luscious & Cool" Luis Cortez, and "The Brototype" Eddie Vegas once and for all.


Rise, Lord Gannon

September 2011 to present.  Gannon loses his presidency of the United States Wrestling Federation after his questionable business practices infuriates the executive committee.  Adopting the title of "Lord", Gannon and Maniac Mike begin their slow climb back to the top of the promotion, settling some old scores along the way.