This section will be updated when I decide how much information to release about these upcoming works.

                                                       The Callous Series (CS)

The main series starring Callous, Shadow, and Tammy Corona in a continuous storyline chronicling their adventures inside, and sometimes outside, the town of Idle.  Each entry into the series will be a full-sized novel.

CS1- Callous: Soldier of Darkness

                                                       The Imagine Series (IS)

This series features stand-alone stories where events that occur within are not necessarily based on happenings that take place in the Callous Series.  Likewise, story lines that play out here do not effect any events in the Callous Series.  They can be seen as spin-offs and each are mostly independent of one another.  They will vary in length.

The Mystery of Lucas Rhodes

                                                          USWF Condemned

The stars of the United States Wrestling Federation find themselves without a building to wrestle in, and all further attempts to get back to business are sabotaged by unseen opposition.  Are they being brought down by outside forces... or from within?  How far does this conspiracy extend?  Will the USWF talent be forced into early retirement or will they do what they do best: fight back and overcome adversity?
Featuring: John Almeida, Tom The Bomb, Arnold "The Ace" Cappelli, "Luscious & Cool" Luis Cortez, Alex Corvis, D.T., Delicious Danny, Gary "2 Scoops" DeAngelis, "Primetime" Kevin E., Lord Gannon, Mr. Glen, Grown Man, Benny "The Jet" Idol", Alfalfa Jones, Sean Leiter, Maniac Mike, Bryan Money, Johnny Motta, Stanley "The Masher" Muldoon, Nixter, T. Phoenix, The Giant Puma, "The Real Deal" Brando Spade, "The Brototype" Eddie Vegas, Whitey Waterman, Steven "The Turtle" Weiner, X-treme, and Wrestling Machine X.