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                     THE MYSTERY OF LUCAS RHODES

A Search & Rescue Turns into a Divide & Conquer.

Cast: Callous, Shadow, Jesse Lothario, Serena Hershey, Wendy Kasquett, Raizer, Tahni Gale, Vein, Banshee, Behemoth, Violet, and Fairy
Status: In progress.

Newport, Rhode Island: a small island off the coast of the mainland, the scenic shore of which is dotted with the historical mansions of society's elite. While most of these domiciles now serve as museums for tourism, one in particular remains the homestead of the Ocean State's most celebrated citizen; the infamous explorer Sir Lucas Rhodes.  But one fine day, while "houses shopping" with her boyfriend, the brash young lady named Serena Hershey decides to investigate the homestead of the renowned adventurer.  To discover whether or not the rumors of the house being abandoned by it numerous occupants while Rhodes was on expedition were true.  As Serena astonishingly makes entrance into the mansion with no difficulty, an unknown obstruction makes her escape impossible.  The girl's onlooking boyfriend, Jesse Lothario, courageously flees back to his hometown of Idle to get in touch with the only one he known of fearless enough.... and unintimidated of the law enough... to invade the mansion and set his girl free.  This person turns out to be idle's shadow-lurking vigilante Callous, who prefers to see thing with Lothario fist to face as opposed to eye to eye.  But after being coaxed by a friend to accept the task for a chance at a once-in-a-lifetime experience, the Solder of Darkness assembles a unique team of allies and adversaries to take on the unknown danger lurking in the mansion.  Can Callous, Wendy Kasquett, Jesse, and a selection of Blood Hunters rescue Serena and uncover the mystery of Lucas Rhodes?  


Background by Dianne Heredia